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We all remember 2020, it was a year we can never forget. Incredible fear, lonliness, and failure are some of the few feelings many of us shared in that year. The isolation fueled many inspirations for me, and I expirienced more mind pops and lucid dreams than I have ever had in a short amount of time. Painting these abnormal automatonic daydreams was one way to cope with the isolation, as well as record the observations of my mind. 
Almost every night during the initial stage of lockdown I would expirience an abnormal amount of fairly lucid dreams, many of them located in jungles or areas with masses of flowers and greenery. I would be amazed by their colors and presence, I didn't want them to be lost, so I painted some of them. One of these paintings was obviously titled lucid flowers, where I depict a dream of flowers being swallowed by a body of water. This painting is rooted in abstract impressionism, since I wanted the viewer to understand the loose imagery of my dreams. My process used paint sponges and lots of tissue, and I incorporated small amounts of metallic acrylic paint to create sensual highlights. 

Fastforward to 2021, the year of change. For many of us are expiriencing extreme change although we are gaining control of COVID via vaccines. I have had to literally start my life anew, due to some unforseen circumstances. In the beginning, I didnt even have the time nor the mental capacity for creating, because my entire world had been shaken down. Then I realized art is one of the best ways I cope with difficult situations, So I began to make simple pieces, Not exactly minimalist, becsuse they are still very illustrative and figurative as well. However, These are all based in the category of growth and rebirth. These pieces have a lot of negative space, t signify the new world we expirience in birth, and how it can seem so vast. And again like many of my other works, they are encompassed in plant life, greenery, roots, seeds, because I want to grow my strength for these vast life changes.